Snipers Inc

Selling guns to snipers is all in a day’s work for one small town Tennessee family. Ronnie, the designer and businessman at the helm of Barrett firearms manufacturing, and his two children are responsible for creating the M107 sniper rifle.

The world’s first semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle, the M107s power and precision allow snipers to destroy multiple targets from more than 20 football fields away. NGC goes inside this family of firearm “rock stars.”

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  • Claus 8 years ago

    Really wanted to watch this documentary but it is placed with half your menu bar to the right covering it, and the ad’s are unbearable…love your site btw

    • David 8 years ago

      For some reason when I reduce the size of the video it crops it so I suggest you just press the full screen button. The ads pay for only a fraction of the server costs. Thats not including the hours I have spend creating and updating the website. I’m sure you’ll be able to handle a few discreet ads in the sidebar.

      • David 8 years ago

        Now I know what you mean by the ads being annoying. They’re not my ads they are from the website I got the embed code from. They provide free documentaries but put ads in them as a trade off.

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