Indochine: A People’s War in Colour

Indochine: A People’s War in Colour is a stunning new colour archive documentary from Stewart Binns and Adrian Wood.  This program tells the dramatic story of the anguish, pain and courage of the people of Indochina who fought three wars in three decades. It is a story of French colonialism and oppression, of a brutal war against Japan, of the triumphant overthrow of the French regime, and of an ensuing civil war. It also describes America’s complex and harrowing experience in Vietnam from a new perspective. Detailed and painstaking research in French, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese and American archives has revealed that footage originally broadcast in black and white, was originally shot in colour. These discoveries allow us to tell the real story of the Vietnam War and the conflicts of Indochina from the unique perspective of the people themselves, in their true colours.

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Indochine: A People's War in Colour, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings



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