Two Weeks in Hell

The U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets are America’s unconventional warfare specialists. Whereas the military’s focus usually is on brute-force tactics, the Green Berets rely on creative, innovative and stealthy tactics to destabilize an enemy from within. They are experts in guerrilla warfare, sabotage, and subversion. They live as the locals do, and they live by their wits.

This unique access special takes you deep inside the world of America’s Green Berets. In a profession of order and regiment, this is the place for the unconventional and strong-willed. Finding these characters is a virtually impossible process. To find the unconventional thinker, you need an unconventional system to do it. Welcome to SFAS.

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  • John J. Wilson 7 years ago

    Having honorably served in the Army Special Forces in combat and peacetime, I salute the trainers and the candidates wanting to create the future generation of Special Forces.

    There is no more prestigious group of men to serve with and the friendships last a lifetime.

    De Oppresso Liber

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