SAS – The Search for Warriors

SAS - The Search for WarriorsFor the first time in 25 years the Australian SAS lift their veil of secrecy to reveal what it takes to pass the toughest military selection course in the world.

Using the toughest military selection course in the world they are looking for the right type of solider. This is a search for warriors. 130 candidates from the cream of the military attempt the brutal 21-day trial.

Most will never finish. First the candidates are subjected to constant and crushing physical exercise and torturous sleep deprivation. Their bodies are broken down – next it is their minds.

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  • Gerard Hackett 8 years ago

    i’v always wanted to join the ASAS …
    i’m only 15 but i’v started training my body and my mind for the most difficult special forces selection coarse in the world.
    its my dream to get that sandy beret, and hopefully
    someday i will.
    i will,
    i will be the best of the best,
    i will be a part of the ASAS family
    i will make my country proud

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