Marine Corps Pilot Training 1950s-1970s

Marine Corps Pilot Training 1950s-1970sThis video is comprised of four parts with films produced by the Marine Corps in the 1950s through the 1970s. The first part (focusing on the 1950s) includes three films: “The Leading Edge” documents the training Marine aviators received, first at Quantico (orientation, classroom, etc.) and then at Pensacola Naval Air Station (survival, carrier qualifications, etc.); “The Furies” follows members of a fighter interceptor squadron based at MCAS, Cherry Point, NC. This film includes good in-flight film footage along with documentation on the training and mission of fighter interceptor pilots and their ground crews; and “Marine Close Air Support: Capabilities and Limitations” is a training film that outlines the circumstances under which Marines should call for close air support. It includes footage of Marines in the air and on the ground at Camp Pendleton. Part II is a 1960s film titled “Straight Up And Away.” This recruitment film offers a l look at Flight School at Pensacola, Ground School, physical conditioning, survival training, and flight training on the T-34 and T-28 and instruction at Ellyson Field on the TH-57 helicopter. Part IV offers two films from the 1970s. “Fly Marine” was produced in 1975 and offers an overview of various Marine Corps close air support aircraft from the Vietnam War era. You’ll hear comments from pilots about their experiences and the sounds of combat from the cockpit. Aircraft include the Harrier, the C-130, H-53, the Huey Cobra used as an aerial gun platform and to transport casualties, and the OV-10. The second film in this section is “USMC Harrier Operations Aboard Ship.” Produced in 1974, this pilot familiarization provides good close- ups and description of this aircraft with the focus on safety and handling.

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