Korean War Stories

Korean War Stories allows veterans to share their memories of a very difficult and brutal war. Not only does it tell the story of the war and its effect on the men and women who fought, but it also shows how these veteransí sacrifice and effort helped stabilize America and the world during the early years of the Cold War.

The documentary tracks the intertwined history of the U.S. and Korea from shortly before the war broke out in June 1950 to the signing of the armistice in July 1953. ìIt shows how the United States military was ill prepared to go to war, and how our men and women in uniform served and sacrificed for nearly three years to help ensure freedom for the people of the Republic of Korea.

The program also tells how veterans from this very brutal war returned home, some of them severely disabled, only to find that their contribution was not fully appreciated by the American public. In spite of this, many Korean veterans went on to lives of significant accomplishment.

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