Uncovered – The Whole Truth About the Iraq War

Uncovered - The Whole Truth About the Iraq War

George Orwell once warned that “in universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” That being so, we are all called to become revolutionary truth-tellers and Robert Greenwald leads the way. “Uncovered,” by exposing the rot at the roots of political power in Washington, has created a document of the most profound patriotism. In laying bare the lies of an American administration bent on gaining, maintaining and abusing power through deceit, the film arms our citizens with the weapons necessary to take back their democracy.” — MIKE FARRELL actor and activist, co-founder Artists United

“I don’t see how anyone, Republican or Democrat could even think about voting for Bush after watching this documentary.” — MOBY

“It’s one thing for a President to lie about his sex life. It’s another to lie about why we are sending our young men and women into battle.” — AL FRANKEN

“On a daily basis we, the American public, are exposed to unending administration insanities: fear mongering, the reduction of foreign policy to a bad video game, an exhausting audio-visual parade of lies and self-deceptions. Robert Greenwald’s film is a welcome antidote. It sets an example of what a concerned and committed citizen can do. Speak truth to power. — ERROL MORRIS – Filmmaker – The Fog of War

“The film is a compelling call to action in 2004 and must-see viewing for all citizens who care about changing the direction of our security policy, and our country’s leadership.” — KATRINA VAN DEN HEUVEL editor of The Nation

“A powerful documentary. A must see for anyone interested in the truth about what’s going on in Iraq” — MARTIN SHEEN

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