Inside Iraq The Untold Stories

Join me as I travel Iraq discovering the untold stories about the lives of the Iraqi people and the US soldiers. As a freelance filmmaker, I will take you on a unique personal journey uncovering stories that go beyond the headlines and politics. Tour a children’s landmine hospital Visit remote villages with medical aid workers Drop in on illegal gun markets Walk the streets of Baghdad Get a tour of an Abrams tank Meet the soldiers who are finding creative solutions Witness a fire fight with Iraqi insurgents Ride along on night patrols in search of terrorists. Below are media and university reviews for Inside Iraq: The Untold Stories. MEDIA REVIEWS Those who are strongly for or against the Iraq war won’t find their positions unequivocally supported by this film. Which is what makes it worth seeing. The Portland Tribune Shiley’s film is an incredible guided tour of the Iraq that has yet to be adequately portrayed in mainstream American media. The result is an emotionally complex film that provides perspective on a complex reality that the government has worked to simplify, and the media has done little to clarify. Willamette Week (Portland, OR)-Movie Review It’s a journey worth taking, but better him than you. He poked into things that journalists and others don’t usually stop to examine, and he emerged with a highly personal travelogue that sheds a light on a complex and volatile situation. The Oregonian Living Section Shiley deserves credit for going to Iraq twice by himself (both times for a month) and trying to get stories he believes are worth showing.

Inside Iraq The Untold Stories

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