Raw Video: Marines Firefight in Afghanistan

Video of U.S. Marines with 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment establishing a patrol base (PB) in the kinetic village of Potay, Sangin District, Afghanistan on Oct. 5, 2011. The PB is attached by Taliban fighters but Marines repel the attack with squad organic weapons and accurate mortar fire.

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  • My thoughts and prayers forever with the american soldiers!!! My hats off to all. Takes a special person to be sent out into a hail of bullets and be so excited to be ready to return fire and kick some Taliban ass!!!! Now let’s get them fucking heartless ISIS sum bitches!!! Kick in ass don’t worry bout their names!!! Thanks USMC!!! USN!!! US ARMY!! And air force! My son is a US Seabee SWCM may god be with u all!! United we will stand!! One nation under god!!! OooRahhh

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