Pro Hadi forces retake Yemen airport

(04MAY2015) The pro-Hadi forces and popular resistance fighters have taken control of Aden International Airport after fierce clashes with Houthi militants and forces loyal to the former regime, sources within the popular resistance saidon Monday.

On Sunday, the Arab countries which have been conducting airstrikes against the Houthi militants for more than a month deployed ground troops into Aden to help regain the airport, they said.

In the past 24 hours, confrontations between popular resistance fighters and Houthi militants continued in other parts of Aden including the Dar Saad, Khour Maksar and Al-Tuwahi.

The sources said the militants have been trying to take over the Aden seaport and TV headquarters but the resistance fighters have repelled their attacks.

In Marib, Taiz and other cities, pro-Hadi popular resistance fighters advanced on warfronts regaining areas that had been seized by Houthis, well-informed sources said.

Coinciding with the confrontations, Arab fighter jets continued to back the pro-Hadi resistance fighters through focusing airstrikes against Houthi reinforcements and roads linkingthe north with the south.

Sources said the route between Baidha and Abyan which Houthis have lately used to send reinforcements into Aden was completely destroyed.

Airstrikes also targeted Houthi positions and military convoys in Saada and Marib.

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