Taliban Child Fighters (2014)

taliban child fightersMore than 200 Taliban children, many recruited as suicide bombers, are being held in special prisons across Afghanistan. Brought to you by the foremost documentarian on the Taliban and film maker of ‘The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan’, we meet these captured child fighters and hear their stories.

As NATO prepares to pull out of Afghanistan, they leave behind a country at the mercy of a resurgent Taliban. Vulnerable children are easy prey, many of whom have known nothing but war. The next generation aren’t simply witnesses to the ongoing fighting; some of them have also become participants. “The Taliban are good. The Taliban are building our country”, a young boy tells the camera, head on. This is Afghanistan’s terrorist generation. “It was one of these vests. They told me to blow myself up at a checkpoint”. 10-year-old Neaz was offered 50 Afghanis (60p) for his young life. He was seized by the Taliban after the death of his family and prized for this special mission. As well as suicide mission preparations, their crimes include the laying of improvised explosive devices and ambush. From the unrepentant to the lucky ones who got away, the willing and the reluctant, Taliban Child Fighters documents the experiences of captured child fighters. With unprecedented access, in and out of jails, it provides a unique perspective on an ongoing conflict, raising key questions about the legacy of western intervention in Afghanistan.” (Najibullah Quraishi).

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