Taking on the Taliban

Taking on the Taliban

Ben Anderson fronted Taking on the Taliban for BBC Panorama. The documentary told the story of a unit of 35 British soldiers from the Queens Company on the frontline in Afghanistan during their six month tour, which ended with one man dead and twelve seriously wounded.

The program featured dramatic footage of the most intense battles involving the British Army for fifty years, and as casualties mounted, the documentary questioned the cost of the fighting in the context of this personal account of a small band of dedicated men, and the human price they paid between them.

To Watch this BBC Panorama documentary you must request permission from Ben Anderson’s agency here

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  • Clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about, maybe go and join the military before acting like you know everything about it.

  • If the Talib had encircled them like they use to, they were sitting ducks against that wall!

  • However, Steve,
    that he was exhausted is NO excuse in a firefight. He should have acted but did nothing and let his men remain at the exposed position. They were already taking enemy fire so had nothing to do with acting as bate.
    He also admits himself that it was HE that made the mistake concerning the air support.
    And (again, already in a full-on firefight) he orders the ANA across an open field where there were enough possibilities to let them move in under cover.
    Crying as a commander in front of your men while in Afghanistan is unwise to say the least.
    So while I admit to the points mentioned in my earlier comments, I remain to say I am happy not to have gone in to combat with this stiff upper lip hot potatoe.

  • I also admit that it is much easier sitting behind your computer pointing it out afterwards.

  • Meanwhile i also read that he has received an award for valour and bravery, and afterwards the namecalling is unapropiate I admit. So I take that back – can’t remove my earlier remark or I would have done so. I personnally still find he does not come of strong in this documentary however.

  • Steve page 7 years ago


    You obviously have no clue do you?
    The major was exhausted, when he broke down it wasn’t on the battlefield but afterwards after being asked about his family.
    As to his tactics air support would have been his FAC’s responsibility and the British take the fight to the enemy exposing themselves to lock in enemy positions.

  • Major MARTIN DAVID must be the worst military commander I have ever seen in my life.
    Lets his men remain at an exposed position because he can’t decide what to do (so he does nothing), sends ANA in a push forward across an open field where there are plenty of other possibilities, calls in air support on the wrong place thereby almost killing friendlies, starts crying where his men can see him.. all that in this single short documentary.
    What a complete dumbass faggot and coward. My hart goes out to the men who must risk their lives serving under this “major”.

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