Ross Kemp in Afghanistan

In this critically acclaimed series Ross Kemp joins his father’s old regiment, 1 Royal Anglian, and travels to Britain’s frontline in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, to experience for himself the British Army’s fight against the Taliban.

Filmed during the summer of 2007, Ross dodges the bullets to witness and endure the worst fighting British troops have suffered for over fifty years.
Candid and brutally honest, this series is the first on UK television to show in detail what our soldiers are doing to win peace in this war torn land. Extraordinary battle scenes show us in close up the brutality of war. Off the battlefield we find out what a soldier’s life is like and why they continue to fight this fanatical enemy. And with exclusive footage, we tell the stories of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, along with powerful and moving interviews from relatives bereaving the loss of their sons.

This hard hitting and thought provoking series of 5 programmes is Ross’ most difficult assignment to date.

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