Pathfinders: Into the Heart of Afghanistan

Documentary which gains an unprecedented insight into the lives of the Parachute Regiment’s elite reconnaissance platoon, accompanying them on an arduous six-month tour of Afghanistan, “the most dangerous place on Earth”.

Based in Helmand Province, these men have never been filmed before. No ordinary soldiers, their expertise lies in their ability to survive long periods of time with little assistance. Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay joins the platoon as they enter the heart of enemy territory to disrupt the Taliban and bring home intelligence. The threat of danger is never less than tangible. Corporate Gavin Holtzer states: “Regardless of how bad it gets or how much fire is coming down, these blokes never seem to get a scratch on them.” He spoke too soon, however.

An engrossing and unflinching documentary, find out whether their mission is successful and how they adapt to life back home after experiencing the traumas of a war zone.

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Pathfinders: Into the Heart of Afghanistan, 4.3 out of 5 based on 10 ratings




  • Henry 6 years ago – The full version of the documentary can be found here. Its a pretty good doc

  • I hope they got a refund on them trucks from which ever contractor built them, for £600k each they are pretty un-reliable for their age..

  • pichon 8 years ago

    So glad I found this site, to my knowledge there is no other like it, a great source of info and insight into war.

  • WidowMaker 8 years ago

    Great docu….thx for this webpage I will spend alot of time here 🙂

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