Meeting the Taliban

Having witnessed the battle for the town of Garmser in the Helmand province of Afghanistan, Sean Langan goes to meet The Taliban. In this remarkable film he recounts his initial encounter.

‘The commander, a young energetic man who had once been the Taliban regime’s chief of criminal intelligence in Kabul, ushered me into a room. He told me not to worry, and that I was safe from American bombs in their hands. And then he laughed, and reminded me not to do this too often. “We had a shura [gathering] before you came, and voted on whether to kill you, kidnap you or grant you an interview. Fortunately, we voted to do the interview.” I thanked him, and made a mental note not to try this again.’

As a Taliban Commander observed to Sean Langan: ‘It’s easy to occupy Afghanistan, but it’s difficult to remain here for long. God willing, like the Russians before them, the Americans and British will fail.’ And with that he got to his feet, clicked his fingers and his men got ready to go.

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  • yoego, am going aswell but acts like that are not exactly going to help the cause, if we get the ppl on our side it will make your tour alot easier!

  • Ex Rifleman 7 years ago

    Hey, Yoego! Cowards are they? I’ve been on three tours of the hell hole , and , to be fair , they are not cowards! You fire at them , and fire at them , even when they are hit, they pop back up and fire some more! So , before you decide they are cowards , why don’t you do some more research matey, i think you’ll find that many troops will agree with me here and will also have a lot of respect for their fellow enemy.

  • zwitterje 9 years ago

    No wonder Taliban clamming that kids are killed during firefight – who to hell is taking them to the front line? Retards

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