Where Heaven & Hell Collide Movie Trailer

The story of how Jim Peters and his company – T-shirts 4 Troops – have helped 11,000 combat troops. Heroic men and women who have lost limbs, sight, hearing and are left emotionally scarred from the battlefield. In this feature-length film we find Jim; on his first day at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC, where he visits troopers that narrowly avoided death in combat. Jim nurtures and encourages them to live life when
most have given up hope and only wish they’d died from their wounds. Jim does it armed with nothing but a Marvel Comic Super Hero t-shirt, love of his fellow man and courage!
Though the path is daunting and heartbreaking Jim never gives up. But it comes at a price. Jim divulges his God ordained mission to his counselor and the audience is taken on a journey that will forever change our lives …we will truly see where heaven and hell collide.
Where Heaven & Hell Collide examines the struggles, heroics and lives of four different combat troops through Jims dialogue with his counselor.

For more information, contact Greg Robbins at (cell) 412.855.1330 or email greg@whereheavenandhellcollide.com

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