A day in the life of a Military dog handler in Afghanistan

A team of two Army dog handlers are working together to provide security for British forces in Helmand Province by searching vehicles entering ISAF bases for weapons and explosives.

Lance Corporal Sophie Mitchell (27) and Private Kathleen Griffiths (21) are working with search dogs Flake and Trough, and protection dog Vinco at Main Operating Base (MOB) Price providing vital protection to the UK, ISAF and Afghan troops who operate in the Nahr-e Saraj area of Helmand province.

While Kathleen keeps watch over the area with protection dog Vinco, a five year old German Shepherd, Sophie controls search dogs Fluke and Trough, both three year old spaniels as they search trucks and cars looking to gain access to the base. Both handlers have been out in Afghanistan for about a month, while the dogs have a much broader range of experience. Fluke came out to Helmand with Sophie, so is still settling in, while Vinco has been in Afghanistan for a year already.

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